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Personal Experience
Memorization of Quran

Personally, what I have found amazing about Quran is that it is memorized by millions of Muslims: Arabs and non-Arabs in its original language: Arabic. This is not the case with any other religious book; it further shows how Quran is preserved through the centuries. It is amazing how when Allah (swt) says in the Quran, "And We have certainly made the Qur'an easy for remembrance" and we see people easily memorizing a book of hundreds of pages in a non-native language (54:17). If you think it is easy and not amazing, you should probably try to memorize a foreign language, 100 pages book and you will know it is not easy! Furthermore, there are many other personal experiences I have had with Quran such as opening a verse in my phone and it would directly relate to my situation in real life. But as for these experiences to be substantial and logical to you, you have to personally experience with it. You have to step up the game, read the book, research, ask God, and seek connections for this process to truly manifest in your life. Finally, these actions and researches are important not only because one will have serenity and happiness in this life but more importantly, one will attain success in hereafter. One will not be among the losers in the day of judgement, when the creator himself will take account of what have we done with our life and the favors and time that God has bestowed upon us in this short life.

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Please watch the following video of a former-Christian's journey to Islam.


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What is Islam? Why is it the truth?

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Eloquence of Quran

After closely examining Quran, it is the best and the most beautiful piece of literature in the world.

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After examining some of the evidences logically, the only conclusion left is that Islam is the truth.