Since the dawn of mankind, the creator has sent messengers with the one message which is to worship no one but Allah (perfect and above is he). Allah (swt) simply means in Arabic language “The God”, the creator of all existence. The word god can mean anything that is worshipped from fire to stones, but when one says the word Allah, then it is known he is referring to the one and only God. Furthermore, prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was not the only messenger sent but rather the final messenger and Islam is not a new religion but the message has been the mission of the many messengers before it including Abraham, Moses, and Jesus peace be upon them all. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is simply the last messenger and his message, the Quran, is the final book of God.

Islam submission to the creator of all existence. The one who gifted us life, body, and the world to live in. It is the reaffirmation of truth in the message of all messengers before prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This is the reason that there are many similarities in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; for they all came from the same God.

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What about previous messages, why not believe in them?

Previous messengers and holy books were meant for a specific nation, context, and time and therefore when the book got changed or tampered with, God would send a new messenger. Thus, there has been many messengers that has come during human history. And in regards to Muhammad (pbuh), he is the final messenger of God; hence, he is meant for all nations, for all people and for all eternal time after him until the end of times. And Quran is the final book hence the reason why God took its protection upon himself.

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Personal Exerience

Did you know that thousands of Muslims, Arabs and Non-Arabs, have memorized Quran in the Arabic langauge?

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Eloquence of Quran

After closely examining Quran, it is the best and the most beautiful piece of literature in the world.

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After examining some of the evidences logically, the only conclusion left is that Islam is the truth.