Tarbiyah Madrasah

Tarbiyah Madrasah is an Islam The Cure project which specializes at teaching young children different Islamic classes ranging from Quran to Seerah. Our goal and vision is to raise the next generation of Muslim leaders and instill in them the Islamic values and correct 'Aqeedah so that they do not only benefit themselves but also benefit their communities at large insha'Allah.

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Registration Fees

Please register your child and pay the respective fees using the following packages. Please note that all fees will be re-invested in this Madrasah to better your child's education insha'Allah.

Student Package Link
One Student
Two Students
Three Students
Four Students
Five Students
Six Students
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personal experience image
Personal Exerience

Did you know that thousands of Muslims, Arabs and Non-Arabs, have memorized Quran in the Arabic langauge?

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Eloquence of Quran

After closely examining Quran, it is the best and the most beautiful piece of literature in the world.

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After examining some of the evidences logically, the only conclusion left is that Islam is the truth.