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Quran is beautifully eloquent

Quran is divinely eloquent, beautiful speech challenging mankind to produce something similar to its structure and eloquence if they have doubt regarding it (Quran 2:23), yet they have failed to do so in the past. One linguistic beauty is the ring structure of the Quran. For example, the second chapter of Quran is Al-Baqarah (The cow) which consists of 286 verses and can be divided into nine groups based on theme. And they are as follows:

  1. Faith vs. unbelief (verses from 1 – 20)
  2. Deliverance of Law to Children of Israel
  3. Abraham was tested (104 – 141)
  4. Ka’ba is the new qibla (142 – 152)
  5. Muslims will be tested (153 – 177)
  6. Deliverance of Law to Muslims (178 – 253)
  7. Allah’s creation and knowledge (254 – 284)
  8. Faith vs. unbelief (285 – 286)

From the above categories, we can see one aspect of miraculous, amazing linguistic nature of Quran. The first category matches with the last category, the second with the second last, and so forth with the others. Modern research has further discovered that Quran contains advanced linguistic symmetry. Symmetry occurs in the Qur’an in the form of parallelism, e.g. A B A’ B’; chiasm, e.g. A B B’ A’; and concentrism, e.g. A B C B’ A’; the last form being the most common. These kinds of symmetry can be found on the level of the verse, on the level of the sura (chapter), and in the Qur’an as a whole.

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After examining some of the evidences logically, the only conclusion left is that Islam is the truth.