Dawah Re-Imagine Campaign!

Help us in sharing the beautiful message of Islam by sponsoring Dawah T-Shirts and Yard Signs!

Dawah Re-Imagine!

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The Story

Due to the unfortunate lack of willingness of many Muslim brothers to interact and engage in conversation with our Non Muslim brothers and share the beautiful gift of Islam, we came up with the idea of printing T-Shirts and Yard Signs with the beautiful design and the beautiful message of Islam! With this, we can share Islam to our neighbors and Non Muslim friends without talking! Although we still need to work on that insha'Allah and be able to set aside time for spreading the beautiful message of Islam through interaction and talking! Below are different examples of a dawah yard sign which is 24 x 36. This is large enough and readable by your neighbor driving by your house!

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T-Shirt samples we will be printing insha'Allah!

White T Shirt Sample

​Continuous Business Plan

When we order the Yard Signs and T shirts, we will give them out and encourage people to at least cover the cost of the T Shirt so that we can order more and give out more. We will expand this community to community insha'Allah and the limit is the sky! Your donation will go a long way so what are you waiting for!


The funds collected will be used solely in ordering Dawah products. Yard Signs and T Shirts are the current products we are going to be giving away insha'Allah but are hoping to expand this to Vinyl lettering for vehicles and other ways to create other creative ways to give Dawah.

Why should I donate?

Dawah is a communal obligation upon this Ummah. Unfortunately, we lack resources in the field of Dawah and thus there is a greater demand of people seeking Islam but little supply. With the new innovative way, we are hoping to expand Dawah in an unprecedented level in Texas and beyond insha'Allah. We are going to b setting Yard Signs in Muslim houses and giving out T Shirts in different communities. We need all the help we can get.

​Can I get the T Shirts or the Yard Sign?

Of course you can, send an email to info@islamTheCure.com

​Who are we?

We are a project of Quba Academy, a private Islamic school and Mosque located in Houston Texas. We are passionate and enthusiastic about Dawah and constantly are in worry and contemplation to innovate and be creative about Dawah!

How can I verify?

To verify you can email or call Quba Academy which is an Islamic school and a Mosque located in Houston Texas. Their website which you can verify in Google is QubaHouston.org and their email is: info@qubahouston.org.


personal experience image
Personal Exerience

Did you know that thousands of Muslims, Arabs and Non-Arabs, have memorized Quran in the Arabic langauge?

eloquence of quran image
Eloquence of Quran

After closely examining Quran, it is the best and the most beautiful piece of literature in the world.

Conclusion image

After examining some of the evidences logically, the only conclusion left is that Islam is the truth.