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About Us

We are a dawah organization answering the fundamental questions of life through the perspective of Islam and explain why that is the truth. The following are the main questions that we seek to answer:

  1. Where have we come from?
  2. Why are we here?
  3. Where are we going?

We are also an affiliate and project of Quba Academy, an Islamic school and Mosque located in Houston, Texas.

How in the world? Baby thinking
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Mission and Vision of Islam The Cure

The mission is to establish the evidences so that mankind knows the truth, the Islam. Why is Islam the truth among all ideologies? This is the questions that Islam The Cure will try its best to answer with clear and irrefutable proofs so that truth will be established.


The vision is to bring peace and happiness to mankind through the correct cure, Islam, to the many diseases that has developed in our times. Due the long forgotten questions of our purpose and existence, crime rates, suicide rates, and depression has increasingly exploded in the recent times and the only way to fix it is through the divine cure: Islam.

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What is Islam? Why is it the truth?

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Science and Quran

Many erranously claim that religion is something of the past because of science. This article explains why the opposite is true.

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After examining some of the evidences logically, the only conclusion left is that Islam is the truth.